Halloween full boxes overlay foiled spiderwebs - 11 foil options!

Each sheet contains 4 full box EC size overlays, with your choice of foil.

Overlays are the most versatile way to add a bit of shine to your planner. They can be used alone, or layered on stickers. These Halloween full boxes overlay foiled spiderwebs will add a unique elegant touch to your Halloween spreads.

Please see pictures for foil options, we offer a fairly wide range of foiling options, the classics like gold, rose gold and silver and some fancier and unique foils like fairy dust, milky way and elf.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a handmade product. Small imperfections in the foil, such as scratches or black spots, could be present in your finished product. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

*PLEASE NOTE: Everyone's computer screens are different. Colors may look different in person. The foils are named in order to give a good representation of the color itself.*